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We are currently doing repairs on the following bait boats only:

All Anatec's including, Catamarans, PAC and Monohulls (We are Anatec UK), Spyder's MK1/2.

Sorry we WILL NOT look at any Vipers, Angling Technics, BSA Lakestars, Dyna-Craft, Pond Orca, Jabo or any other bait boat you may have that does not appear on this web site and sorry but we don't have contact details for any of the above mentioned companies or carry spare parts.

If however you need assistance with any of the below bait boats please do get in touch. Please note we can't tell you over the phone what exactly is wrong with your boat so if your not sure then maybe its best if we take a look at your boat.

Boats we do work on:
All versions of Waverunner including Atom and Shuttle.
The full range of Anatec bait boats regardless of the age.
Black Widow SPYDER. Some Fish/Feature Finders including the Toslon's.

We carry most spare parts including main PCB mother-boards, motors/shafts, switch's plus much more for Waverunner, Anatec's and Spyders only plus some fish finder accessories. If you know what is wrong with your boat and which part needs replacing and you can replace this yourself then check out our accessories section, as we do sell some spare parts separately.

We stock much more than what's listed on our web site. If there is a specific item you require and cannot see it listed please get in touch.

Please take caution if considering fitting a part yourself as there are NO RETURNS on any spares for boats we sell. If you are not so confident and want us to repair your boat for you then please call or email.

Service which includes: diagnosing the problem, possible boat opening, parts testing, any soldering work, fitting of parts, lake testing between £20 - £180 (INC VAT) completely depending on how much work is involved (not including parts)

Please note, if any of the Waverunner bait boats need their motors replacing there will be a charge of £80 Inc VAT (Labour only) as this does take a long time.

If your Spyder boat needs to be split open the labour cost could be over £100 however while we're in side the boat we'll check all wiring, L.E.D's and re-grease both shafts.

We are no longer getting boxes collected. This is mainly due to customers not boxing their boats up properly and too many getting damaged in transit. We can post the boat back to you as we have large custom boxes.

Depending on how busy we are, we'll aim to fix and return the boat to you within 7 working days providing we have the spare parts in stock. As soon as your bait boat is ready, we will call you to advise the final cost of work and re-delivery. In some cases you maybe able to bring your boat to our store and we could fix while you wait. YOU MUST call first to tell us what the problem is and check the right team member is available that day. DON'T JUST TURN UP HOPING FOR US TO LOOK AT YOUR BOAT THERE AND THEN - BECAUSE WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO. We are always very busy and you will have to be booked in. If you are booked in and present in store and we need to test a handful of devices on your boat while you wait there will be a minimum charge of £20 (including VAT) even if we can't find or fix the fault. This is to cover our store time.

For further information or quotation on your service options please call or email. 01403 78 40 55 Email:

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