Microcat HD Bait Boat + Toslon TF640 Fish Finder


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Key Features:

*10% Faster than the original Microcats
*Less interference and no more clashing with other users
*Two ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance motors
*Fast, efficient, and quiet
*Excellent for all baits including particles
*Two hoppers can be individually or simultaneously opened
*Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse
*Echo sounder acceptable: Yes
*Size: 690mm x 370 mm x 220mm
*Weight: 9kg - HD batteries (approx.)
*Running time (at max speed): 120 + minutes - HD batteries
*Payload capacity of 4kg

Product Description

This is the latest edition to the top end brand Angling Technics. The Microcat HD.

Sitting higher above the water line from the standard Microcat now lets you see this boat at a far greater distance as well as copes better in choppier conditions.

Pumps have now been replaced by two powerful but yet quiet motors/propellors.

Don't worry, as you'll see in the pictures, the props are well protected against weed/debris etc...

Just like all Microcats you have excellent twin hoppers which are a great size for presenting your rig/s in and are capable of holding up to 4 kilos of any bait at one time.

You'll also see a large spot light on the front of this Microcat HD.

This is a great aid when taking your boat out at night. This light is also dim-able and controllable from your remote control.

Microcat HD Features:

*Approx. 10% Faster than standard Microcat's

*New over 2+ hours running time

*Easy single joystick steering (Right)

*Latest digital 2.4ghz remote & branded FUTABA

*Powerful front light with extra lights all round

*Powerful yet quiet twin motors

*New Easy battery lid opening knobs

So What will you receive?

*Spare pair of Heavy duty boat batteries branded YUASA worth up to £59

*Standard Boat Bag

*Necessary charger, manual all ready to go...

*12 Months UK handled Warranty. Postage, Parts and Labour.

Also receive a tripod and finder batter kit worth £80.

Toslon TF640 Bait Boat Fish / Feature Finder and GPS in one!

Now features a smaller GPS compass, please see second main picture.

Note: We now fit the GPS compass inside every boat.

GPS meaning you can store over 500 different locations on as many lakes as you require all over Europe then remotely take out your boat to the exact stored spot. Accuracy within 1-1.5 metres. Very clever stuff!


Navigation Sonar system TF640 was specially designed for many kinds of bait boats. It was combined with high Position accuracy GPS, digital wireless sonar and electronic compass. The GPS system lets you guide the boat to any saved waypoint. The advanced sonar feature shows you actual bottom condition and fish, and the electronic compass indicates the boat heading direction on screen which make it possible to operate the boat under bad condition, such as night, thick fog etc.

GPS Position Accuracy: 1metre and operating Distance 300 metres 500.

Digital Wireless Sonar with 80ft depth range; Sonar frequency 455kHz; 4.3" TFT with resolution 480*272 Pixels; 65,536 colour

Digital means this unit is one of very few which being on 2.4ghz (Digital) you should not clash with other feature finders on the same water.


  • GPS and Compass
  • GPS data display show: Distance to target, Distance to Home (Your Swim) Speed of boat, Time to Board, Satellite Number, Heading,Bear, Course Memory, Time of day, Main Battery Voltage.
  • Compass indicator of the instant boat heading direction on screen (a red "+" on screen indicate the target)
  • Indicator of the position and distance to target waypoint and HOME
  • Boat arriving alarm
  • Signal lost alarming
  • Indication of satellite condition by colour bar: red(0~satellites); Yellow(3~6); Blue(?6)
  • Show the current position as latitude/longitude in decimal degrees
  • 20 RF channels allow different users operation at same region without interference
  • Detailed waypoint information including icon, name, date, etc
  • Zoom in/Out route display
  • Sonar

Adopt brand new digital wireless sonar system.

Real time sonar windows display the latest sonar returns.

Colour Line separates fish and structure from the bottom, and defines bottom hardness.

Display target depth reading above each fish symbol as a guide for quick and precise lure presentations.

Sonar alarm: fish / shallow / low battery (boat battery and display battery)

Windows style of menu system and user friendly.

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