Waverunner MK4 + Extras **Re-Built** (SPYDER Edition)

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Up for sale is this brand new Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat (Latest 2017 Version) on Digital (2.4ghz).

This boat has just been modified by us here at The Cabin which we call this The *SPYDER* Edition.

We saw some room for improvements on the Waverunner boats, World first!

So here's what's been done:

*Exchanged the PCB board for 4 x M-Troniks 20amp speed controllers (£115)
This means you now have full control of the boats speed so creep along like a snail then slowly increase your speed 100% as you wish.

*Fitted two internal inline safety fuses.
Fuses we believe should be fitted to every bait boat to protect the boats electronics just in case you get caught up in weed or line.

*No external boat aerial.
This is now kept in side the boat and don't worry, the operating range is still hundreds of meters.

*Boats speed is around 15% faster.

*Battery life even better (around 3 hours on a single charge)

*Front lights can be turned completely on/off from the remote when you want appose to only working when the boat is in forward motion.

*New style remote of which we use on our own boat The Black Widow Spyder MK2 which have proven to be very reliable and in the worst case you do leave your remote out in the rain you won't be paying £180 for a new remote only £70.

Controls are exactly the same as on the Waverunner.
Right joy stick operates your steering while the left operates your hoppers and rear line droppers.

Only negative point is the cluster of L.E.D lights on the rear of boat which acts as a basic battery indicator doesn't work.
We do however sell an L.E.D battery tester priced at £19.99.

You will receive 12 months full warranty from date of purchase.

In this offer you will receive:

One spare boat battery (Two in total)
Genuine Waverunners 5 - Solar Panel
Battery Chargers, all ready to go...

Product Features:

* Twin independent hoppers with patented hopper release system
* Excellent for all baits including particles
* Stainless steel weed guards
* Remote Lighting control
* All lights can be operated form the hand set
* Range 500 to 1000m depending upon weather conditions
* 2.5hrs+ Running time at max speed on a single battery
* 4kg bait capacity

Very popular bait boats as well as reliable.

Fancy adding a fish/feature finder?

Toslon TF500 £545 extra
Toslon TF640 Finder/GPS Extra £849
Either finder includes fitting and lake testing by us.

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