Waverunner MK4 (2018 Version 5.8ghz)


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Packed full of features! + Two year warranty (Conditions Apply)

Product Description

In this offer you will receive:

5-Watt Solar Panel worth over £39.99 and a spare Boat Battery worth £34.99 (2 in total)
Handset and battery charger 4 x AA rechargeable Batteries for the handset, aerial, all ready to go... That's more freebies than any other place...

This is the latest Spring 2018 edition.

A Bait Boat First, now on 5.8ghz Digital means your even much less likely to suffer from interference from other Bait Boats on the same water. About Time!

This most recent boat now also displays the boats battery power on the screen on your boat remote. Very Handy!

The boat aerial is now even shorter around four inches long.

This Waverunner MK4 has some great features including, a magnetic hopper drop system which means unlike a catch system which is what you'll find on some other boats you can be guaranteed that every time you operate the hopper drop switch your bait door will open and not get caught. Clever!

Another great feature is twin rear line droppers. These do not have to be used as you may put your rig up in side either of the hoppers however if you wanted to try and use a different fishing tactic, drop your rig slightly away from your main bait presentation. Just a tip...

Packed full of great features and looks the part to!

Product Features:

* Twin independent hoppers with patented hopper release system
* Excellent for all baits including particles
* Twin independent rig holders with patented hook release system
* Stainless steel weed guards
* 10 ultra high intensity LED's
* Tri coloured battery meter
* Remote Lighting control
* All lights can be operated from the hand set
* Range 500 to 1000m depending upon weather conditions
* 2hrs+ Running time at max speed on a single charged battery
* Total of 4kg bait capacity

A very popular boat used by all types of anglers for many years. Reliable, easy to use and sturdy in choppy waters. After care service spot on.

Fancy Adding a Fish/Feature Finder?

The Toslon TF500 Echo Sounder on 2.4ghz Digital, Add £545

A very much improved unit from the original FC500, this new device is also on digital so your very unlikely to clash with other units or baitboats on the same water. Please see main Tolson Listing under the fish finder section on this web site to see the full specifications.

Each unit is internally installed inside the Waverunner boat. If you would like to purchase this package via our web site just simply add every item you require to your cart and we will automatically fit the Toslon to your boat.

We can now also add the Toslon TF640 Finder & GPS in one! Please see fish finder section on this site for more details.

If you would like to purchase a boat with echo sounded installed online, simply add the boat and echo to your cart and once purchased we'll fit the sounder to your boat automatically.

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