Shuttle / Carpmate Bait Boat MK2 + Spare Batteries, Solar Panel

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Shuttle Boat Features:

*3D CAD designed, hydro-dynamic catamaran ABS hull
*5.8GHz Digital radio system
*Built-in fail-safe means you won’t lose your boat
*Patented bait hopper
*Patented hook (rig) release system
*Two quality, very quiet direct drive motors and propellers
*Plastic cage style propeller weed guards
*Waterproof toggle switche
*Six ultra-high intensity LED lights
*Tri-coloured battery condition meter
*Remote control lighting from handset
*Handset battery condition meter
*Compatible with Toslon TF500 Wireless fish/feature finder
*Watertight removable battery covers
*1 year UK warranty. Postage, Parts and Labour.

Product Description

Exactly the same bait boat as the very popular Shuttle however, now branded ''Carp-mate''.

Now on 5.8ghz Digital radio system meaning even more less likely to suffer from interference.

Always receive the latest versions from us!

Every Shuttle / Carpmate Package Purchased from us also comes complete with:

Spare pair of Branded boat batteries worth £39.99

5-Watt Solar Panel worth over £40

And Rechargeable handset batteries (4 x AA), Two mains battery chargers, manual all ready to go.. One years full warranty.

We also include with every Waverunner boat sold our own helpful tips and user guide regarding charging and looking after your batteries.

Also easier battery opening lids appose to having to unscrew eight screws in order to change the batteries in the boat. Very handy!

Latest Improved Features:
*Digital means Its nearly impossible to get interference from other Bait Boats on the same water
*Wireless operating range is over 1000 metres!
*Smaller main boat aerial
*More robust power switch
*New Easy Battery opening lids 
*Designed with all main features as the Waverunner and Atom but at a smaller scale
*Designed with one long centrally located magnetic hopper drop ideal for perfect rig presentation
*Hopper capacity up to 1.5 kilos of any bait including dead or live baits
*Turn boat lights on/off from handset
*LED battery meter on boat which displays the power in your batteries
*Robust carry handle on boat
*Failsafe mechanism, means if you lose signal from handset the boat will automatically spin round and head back towards you!
*Patented hook release system
*Over 2 hours running time on one fully charged set of batteries
*Front and rear LED lights
*Handset battery low warning light
*Boat measures just 48 x 30 x 18cm

About The Shuttle Bait Boats:

It’s the smallest in their range of boats making it perfect for the shorter sessions and smaller venues.

Working distance still over 500 meters however, we found if fishing more than a true 120 yards you may slightly struggle to see the boat because of it’s size.

Remote now being on the latest 5.8ghz is very easy to operate.

Right joystick controls the full movement of the boat while the left controls the lights, hopper drop and rear line drop. Hopper is a great size. Approx. 10 inches in length so many customers we found place their rigs in side the hopper appose to using the rear line drop, but that’s up to you to decide.

Running time around two hours per pair of fully charged batteries, which gives you plenty of use.

We usually supply a free pair of boat batteries with every package sold.

Powered by twin motors which are very quiet compared to some other boats meaning you can spin 360 degrees on the spot.

Conclusions, small, light weight and very nippy. A perfect boat for day sessions or smaller lakes.

For bags, Please see the 'Bags' section on this web site.

We can now install either of the Toslon TF520 or TF640 feature finders/GPS to this boat (Please see Fish Finder Section)

Simply add either items to your cart and we'll fit the finder automatically.

Pictured below with the older 2.4ghz remote. You'll now receive the more recent 5.8ghz as standard.

Unlike anywhere else, we lake test every package once a finder has been installed to ensure the customer has a perfect working package!

Product Information

Manufacturer Genesis Sports
Length 40cm
Width 27cm
Height 15cm

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Delivery: Next working day delivery available on all items for just £6.99.

Returns Policy: We offer a 5 day return policy if you decide the item is not for you

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