• New! Toslon TF740 Fish Finder

    New! Toslon TF740 Fish Finder

    Toslon TF740

    Echo Sounder, GPS & Auto Pilot all in one!
    Supplied & Fitted for £1699
    • Not compatible with every bait boat
    Echo Sounder, GPS & Auto Pilot all in one!
    Supplied & Fitted for £1699
    • Not compatible with every bait boat
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Carp Fishing Bait Boats for Sale. Top Brands. First Class Service.

What is a Bait Boat? Bait boats are remote control fishing boats that deliver your bait and fishing hook to your chosen point on the lake.

Bait boats can’t guarantee you’ll catch more fish however, from our experience, many anglers after using a bait boat will tell us their catch rate can almost double over night. This is because they are designed solely for taking your hook along with any freebies accurately to your chosen spot.

Here at The Cabin, we have been specialising in decent, branded bait boats since 2008. Unlike many other stores, ‘’Bait Boats and Fish Finders for Bait Boats’’ is what we do and we do it well.

Many packages we sell also include our own easy set-up guide and useful information on charging and looking after your bait boat batteries.

Many of the bait boats for sale from us are now compatible with Fish / Feature Finders and GPS systems.

Fish / Feature finders are a great tool for mapping out any lake giving you extremely accurate readings of the depth and more.

GPS on bait boats is becoming very popular now and it basically means you can store 100’s of spots on any lake in Europe then from the comfort of your own bivvy, take the boat out to the same spot and bring it back in to your swim time after time making it great for night fishing.


As you will see all boats have various different sized hoppers.

We found many anglers prefer to present their rigs in side the hopper (laid out) so boats like the Waverunner Shuttle or Twin hopper, Waverunner MK4 are popular.

Bait Boat Batteries:

Most of the bait boats for sale from us use standard lead acid batteries. Cheap, Safe and Reliable.

The Anatec Catamaran Lithium/Brushless bait boat is becoming very popular especially with weight loss combined with faster Brushless motors, the boat really stands out from the rest and doesn’t hang around.

Size of boats:

Even though the Anatec Catamaran is classed as ‘’The Daddy’’ of boats, the size does put some people off.

If you generally fish a smaller lake then stick with smaller boats like the Waverunner Shuttle, Atom or PAC Starter.

If however, you often take your rigs out at some distance and fish choppy waters, boats on the larger scale are better as you can both see them at a distance and they tend to cope with choppier waters better.


The only boat we sell which is driven by four internal pumps is the Microcat MK3.

A great boat, very quiet and reliable however, because of the four pumps you don’t get as good battery life from the Microcat (Around 1.15 hours on heavy duty batteries)

Most of the other boats we sell you are able to achieve around two hours of continuous running time on a full charge so this means your not having to lug extra bait boat batteries around the venue.

Bait Boat Accessories:

As you will see we stock more bait boat spares than anyone else.

In fact, many of the spares we sell like digital battery testers, solar panels, regulators boxes etc…are made in house here by us so they have been trailed and tested.

Be sure that if you are in the market for a new bait boat and/or fish finder this year or even wanted some advice on any product we sell, we are here on the phone lines six days a week (emails seven days) to assist you if needed.

The Cabin T.S LTD,

The original Bait Boat Specialists!


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